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Trance Ward Bed

Trance Ward Bed


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Product Description:

A ward bed with saline nob and a strong frame with the top surface made of an 18g CRCA sheet.

Material :

  • The Bed Frame Made of 60mm X 30mm of 16g ERW Tubes Mild Steel
  • Top Made of 18g CRCA Sheet
  • Easy to clean+and sanitise

    Easy to clean

    and sanitise

  • Ergonomic+Design



  • Lightweight



  • Easy to+clean

    Easy to


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Product Features

Sturdy structure
The sturdy structure of the trance ward bed is made of 60mm x 30mm 16g ERW tubes, which guarantees long-lasting durability and can handle the demands of regular hospital use.
Enhanced aesthetics
The hospital bed is pretreated in 11-tank hot process with powder coating to improve its appearance and shield it from corrosion and wear.
Exceptional stability
The legs of the general ward bed are fitted with high-quality PVC shoes that provide exceptional stability and floor protection.
The smart design
Smart design of the hospital ward bed makes cleaning and maintenance simple, empowering medical staff to maintain a hygienic setting.
Affordable Solution
Making them a cost-effective choice for healthcare facilities, especially in non-critical care areas.
Dimensions & Weight
Dimension 910 (W) x 1980 (L) x 610 (H) mm
Material & Finish
Structure Manual Bed
Carton Details
1 Year
Wipe the surface with a light disinfectant regularly to ensure the cleanliness of the hospital bed. Do not use abrasive cleansers. For maximum stability, check and tighten screws regularly.
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