Collection: Chairs

Collection: Chairs

Chairs are not only a piece of furniture to sit on; these are the focused spots that help to make the study session more effective and productive. The right chair can make or break the experience; therefore, selecting the right chair is crucial. Study chairs from Nilkamal Edge come in various types to meet every kid's unique demands. With such a wide selection of chairs available, you can be sure to find the right chair that meets your expectations thoroughly. Whether you want chairs without arms or chairs equipped with a desk or a writing pad, you get multiple choices. So, go ahead and purchase the right chair from Nilkamal Edge and do not just buy a study chair but take a step towards better concentration and focus.

Buy Educational Chairs at Nilkamal Edge

An education chair is a crucial component that establishes the ideal learning environment. Choosing a chair is essential for a student’s comfort and productivity, whether setting up a classroom, a home study area, or a tuition center. Examine the crucial elements to consider while selecting education chairs in this detailed guide and the many advantages they provide. 

Explore Nilkamal Edge now and get the best Nilkamal chair that suits your needs the best. 

Factors to Consider While Buying an Educational Chair

Below are some essential factors to consider while buying an educational chair:


Chairs used in schools need to be able to resist the stresses of regular use. Look for chairs that can withstand the rigours of a classroom or study area, such as those constructed of durable materials like metal or high quality plastic. The durability of these chairs ensures children’s safety.

Number of Students

One crucial factor to consider while buying chairs for the classroom is the number of students. This factor helps to narrow down the multiple options available and Select the correct type of chair that meets the requirements of your classroom and students. 


Comfort is crucial for students who spend much time sitting on these seats. Superior comfort is provided with chairs with padded backrests and seats, enabling students to concentrate on their studies without hindrance. 


Think about the chair’s capabilities. Does it contain amenities like armrests or a writing desk? Whether you use the chair for writing, reading, or other everyday classroom tasks, its functionality should match that usage. 


Aesthetics play an essential role in elevating the overall study environment. The colour scheme and everything has a lot of impact on the study environment. So, choose the style that pleases your kid's eye and blends with the décor of space. 


There must be enough space available to move around after putting chairs. So, measure the available space in your area and then choose the size of the chair that fits perfectly. 


It is always a good idea to be within the limits of your budget when buying a chair. So, determine the price you can afford before making a purchase. Remember that paying extra for better quality is worth it, so ensure the budget is flexible enough. 


Different sizes of chairs are available in the market that are suitable for children of various ages as per their height. From small chairs to bigger ones, you will have a lot of options to choose from. So, choose the chair that ideally fits the height of the children. 


Numerous material options are available, from plastic, which requires lesser maintenance, to cushioned ones, which require high maintenance. Explore all the available material choices and choose the material that fits your budget and requirements. 


Some chairs come with adjustable height features, mobility features and more to make their utility convenient. You can explore all the options and assess your needs to choose the functionalities you need in your chair. 

Benefits of Education Chair


Longer study sessions become a lot easier with the right chair that supports your back. Some classroom chairs have a cushion that provides plush support to keep studying for long hours without feeling any strain. 

Dedicated Space

When children have a dedicated study space, the study sessions become more focused and productive. A study chair for students provides a dedicated Space for children to study effectively. 

Adequate Support 

When studying, a good student chair provides the proper support to the back, ensuring that the children do not face problems like backache after their study session. 

Select from a Wide Range of Student Chairs

Many options for classroom chairs and tables are available, including kids rocker chairs, library chairs, classroom chair with desks, stackable kids plastic chairs, novella chairs, and more. 

  • Grape Chairs 

The Grape chair features a vibrant colour design with armrests and a ventilated backrest that fulfils the requirements of kids. The childrens desk chair will provide comfort to students while studying.

  • Currant Chair 

These school chairs feature a breathable backrest and come in a cheerful colour to please the eyes of small kids. The lack of armrests makes sure that the small kids chair online provides adequate space to move without restrictions. 

  • Ohms School Chair 

The chair features a ventilated backrest that provides adequate support to the back and keeps the kid feeling cool. Additionally, the lack of armrests provides unrestrictive movement. 

  • Height Adjustable Chair 

Considering the needs of children with different heights, the chair features a height-adjustable feature. Additionally, the armless design and ventilated backrest add to the comfort and support of the chair. 

  • Toy Chair 

These chairs come in a variety of designs to choose from to embrace the playful spirit of children. 

  • Swing Chair 

This chair has a unique ergonomic back design and provides adequate back support to cope with long study sessions.

  • Thames with Full Chair 

This chair provides a complete solution, equipped with a writing pad and a dedicated spot to keep the bag. The ergonomic back design provides the proper back support. 

  • Zing with Writing Pad 

The classroom chair with writing pad at the right height to ensure the kid can study efficiently without straining the back. The cushioned seat and back provide adequate support to study for long hours. 

  • Amaze with Full table 

The chair comes with an attached writing pad. The cushioned seat provides a plush surface, while the ergonomic back ensures the kid does not feel stained after the session. 

  • Auditorium Chairs 

The requirement for auditorium chairs is different from the ones suitable for classrooms. Therefore, Nilkamal Furniture provides many options, like Glorious, Maximus plus, Maximus, Opera Plus, and Opera. 

  • Thames Visitor Chair 

Ideal for teachers, the Thames visitor chair provides adequate support to ensure teachers can work comfortably and efficiently. With a cushioned seat and back, this teacher chair offers plush support to the back. 

  • Nile Visitor Chair 

The Nile Visitor chair features an ergonomic back and plush seat. This armed chair add a layer of support to work for a long time. 

Why Buy Study Chairs from Nilkamal Furniture

Product Variety in Designs and Requirements

When it comes to chairs, there is no one-size-fits-all-all. Keeping this in mind, Nilkamal Edge has created an extensive collection of study chairs with many options, from the weather-resistance ones that can survive the rigours of harsh weather to the height-adjustable ones catering to different needs. 

Best Chair Prices

We always look for deals with the best quality while paying the minimum amount. Considering affordability, Nilkamal Edge sells everything reasonably to ensure that your investment is prudent and cost-effective and satisfies you the best. 

Free Shipping

Adding everything in a cart and seeing high shipping costs disheartens a lot; therefore, Nilkamal Edge sells products with free shipping. 


A chair is a one-time investment; therefore, the chair should be durable. Nilkamal prioritises the quality of the study chairs; consequently, you can be sure that the chairs you buy will last a long time. 

Care Instructions

The proper chair maintenance will keep the chairs last for years to come. Here are some tips to keep your chairs clean and durable and maintain their suitable design. 

  • Clean Regularly 

Regular dusting and vacuuming of your chairs is necessary to keep them hygienic and maintain their quality for a long. 

  • Avoid Harsh Chemicals 

While it is necessary to use a mild detergent to get rid of all the dirt and dust from the chair, keep in mind to avoid using harsh chemicals to preserve the structure of the material and fabric of the chair. 

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Are classroom chairs suitable for chairs for tuition classes?

You can buy classroom chairs for your tuition classes and ensure your students learn everything comfortably.

Does Nilkamal Edge sell classroom chairs with a desk?

Yes, many options for student desk chairs provide a comprehensive solution to the seating and learning needs

How do you choose the right classroom chairs and tables?

Many factors to consider while buying chairs include chair prices, number of students, materials, etc.

Where can I find the best deal for school chairs?

Nilkamal Edge is the one-stop solution for all your classroom chair needs. You can choose the right chair that suits your needs the best from the variety of options available.

Can I find chairs that fit the requirements of every space, including the auditorium and library?

Yes. At Nilkamal Edge, there are categories of chairs available that are suitable for different requirements, including library, auditorium, staff room, and more.