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Mr. Krishnakumar – DGM Purchase

Mr. Krishnakumar – DGM Purchase

When we started planning for the school infrastructure, furniture and other type of equipment we contacted Nilkamal after we got the quotations, and we also visited your facility in Hosur. We were satisfied with the manufacturing process and quality standards. 

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Mr. Suresh Rangarajan – Founder & CEO 

Mr. Suresh Rangarajan – Founder & CEO 

Very happy with the way Nilkamal guys structured the deal for us. I met with the entire team of Nilkamal. They're very, very responsive. They understand our customer requirements, they understand what we needed at every point in time, and their delivery turnaround has been fabulous. Whether it's a B, two B sale, or a B two C sale, I think they are very, very responsive and that makes the difference. And the quality of furniture, of course, is always a Nilkamal furniture. So it goes without saying that they are always good. Lastly, with us, you can be assured of the one thing that matters the most trust that comes with the legacy of the brand Nilkamal. So join hands with Nilkamal to get the right furniture for your institution as per your requirements.

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Mr. N Raina

Mr. N Raina

We are writing this letter to express my sincere appreciation for the Education & Office Furniture provided by Nilkamal Limited.

The furniture we received from Nilkamal had met our expectations. The attention to detail and the level of craftsmanship displayed in each piece is truly commendable. The ergonomically designed Education Furniture, Seating Solutions & Metal Storages have greatly improved the comfort and well-being of our clients and employees.

Furthermore, I would like to express my gratitude for the excellent customer service we received throughout the entire process. Your team is highly professional, knowledgeable, and responsive to our needs. The seamless coordination, timely delivery, and installation of the furniture were all executed with extreme efficiency.

Additionally, the durability of the furniture ensures that it will serve us well for years to come, making it a valuable long-term investment.

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    A student's academic journey is exponential, but the main trajectory is towards learning and growth. Coaching classes are supplementary learning spaces with guidance and support for student's exams. Coaching class...

Collection: Education

The significance of the physical learning environment in the constantly changing educational landscape cannot be emphasised. Education furniture, a vital part of this setting, significantly impacts how students learn. Gone are the days of strict, standard classroom sets; today's education spaces need flexibility, comfort, and adaptation to accommodate varied learning styles and demands. Education furniture goes beyond simple practicality; classrooms become vibrant centres of cooperation and innovation. Modern school furniture includes modular desks for group activities and ergonomic chairs encouraging good posture to improve learning. It encourages student participation, focus, and interaction, making classrooms livelier and more favourable to efficient teaching and learning. Education furniture impacts Library settings, hostel rooms, and even auditoriums.

Versatile furniture with appealing aesthetics fosters hospitable environments that promote exploration and critical thinking. These places emerge into centres of invention and cooperation that enable all-around development rather than only serving as places to disseminate knowledge. Education furniture is a crucial component in determining the direction of education in this era of blended learning and ongoing methodological change. It involves creating environments that inspire, encourage creativity, and adapt to the changing requirements of students, not just providing furniture pieces.

Future-Ready Education Furniture & Equipment with Nilkamal Edge

Future-ready furniture and equipment for schools are more important than ever in today's continuously changing educational environment. A well-known brand in the furniture sector, Nilkamal Edge, provides a broad selection of cutting-edge solutions that meet these changing needs.


The seating options from Nilkamal are made with flexibility, durability, and comfort. Say goodbye to discomfort and strain and opt for future-ready choices that make learning engaging.

Tables and Desks

Desks and tables are essential To create a collaborative and participatory learning environment. The modular elements of the Nilkamal Edge make it simple to alter how the classroom is set up. Students and teachers may customise the furniture to suit their requirements thanks to adjustable heights and other handy features.

Classroom Furniture

There are more than simply chairs and desks in a classroom. Storage cabinets, notice boards, and stands for interactive whiteboards are just a few of the classroom furnishings that improve the experience. These improvements make it easier to stay organised and provide instructors with the tools they need to design engaging lessons. 

Office Storage

Office storage is a vital need for educational institutions. The office storage options from Nilkamal provide plenty of room for handling paperwork, organising files, and keeping a tidy workstation. 

Hostel Furniture

Another essential element of a future-ready education is hostel furniture. These items give students a comfortable setting, fostering their well-being and allowing them to concentrate on academics.

Teachers Furniture

Teachers furniture is often overlooked but is crucial. To assist instructors in their daily tasks, Nilkamal offers a variety of ergonomic seats and desks, including standing desks. 

Teaching Aids

For educators, teaching aids are essential tools. These tools assist teachers in providing compelling lessons that accommodate various learning styles and allow good communication.


Seminars, gatherings, and presentations are regularly held in auditoriums. The auditorium furniture at Nilkamal is created to maximise seats while retaining ambience and comfort.

Types of Education Furniture


For students to concentrate and work efficiently, comfortable sitting is essential. Whether they use it as classroom chairs, chairs for tuition classes or an auditorium, Nilkamal's student chair selection assists users ergonomically. There are several alternatives for school chairs, including novella chairs, stackable plastic chairs, geni, library chairs, classroom chair with desks, kids rocker chairs, and more.

  • Classroom Chair with Desk: These classroom chairs and tables provide a complete solution. Equipped with a chair and desk with the ideal ratio of comfort and height, these children desk chairs make it easier to focus on studies. The student desk chair is the right option for schools wanting a complete solution of school table and chairs in one package.

  • Kids Chair: Specially made to cater to the needs of small kids, these preschool chairs and tables feature comfortable seating and vibrant colours to attract kids and make them feel comfortable. You can explore kids chairs online to get the right chair. You can also find a kids desk chair equipped with a desk for comprehensive support and comfort.

  • Armed Chairs: These study chairs for students are equipped with arms that provide sufficient arm support to the children. With the arm support, children are better able to feel comfortable while studying.

  • Teacher Chair: These chairs have cushioned seats, backrests, and other features that help teachers survive long hours of working efficiently.

  • Rocking Chair: These chairs are known for the to and fro rocking movement that feels like a swing. Specially catering to small kids' needs, these chairs ensure that even small kids can enjoy studying.

  • Students Writing Chair: These classroom chairs with writing pads are equipped with a writing pad to provide comfortable writing space.


There are many different styles of study tables on the market, including computer study tables.

From several choices, like a study table with drawers, you may select the best to buy study table online. Therefore, browse online study tables, including the computer study table listed below and purchase a study table online.

  • Study Table for Kids: These baby study tables are relatively small in size and feature vibrant colours and designs that attract the kids' attention while also making the kids comfortable.

  • Computer Tables: The computer is an essential part of children's study sessions; therefore, these study desks have features that support using a computer efficiently. You can browse computer tables online to get the right pick.

  • Study Tables with Drawers: To keep all the books, notes, and other necessities in place and organised, these study tables for students come with drawers, making organisation easier and providing easy access.


Several alternatives are available for school desks, including a writing desk and a college desk. Depending on your preferences and needs, you may make the best choice from bench desks, hutch desks, single desks, etc. Some of the options are listed below:

  • Desk with Storage: Making sure that each essential for the student, including pens, pencils, notes, and other things, remains in place, these desks come with storage options like drawers.


There are multiple hostel furniture options, like small study tables and study chair online, that let you choose the right one per your hostel’s needs. Here are some of these:

  • Hostel Bunker Bed: These beds come with one bed over the other and use vertical space. In compact areas, these beds are an ideal option. You can choose from a single bunk bed or double bunk bed as per the needs of the hostel. You can also select a kids bunk bed with storage to get a multipurpose bunk bed for kids.
  • Hostel Locker: To ensure the students' necessities are kept safe and secure, you can choose from a vast collection of lockers.
  • Hostel Cupboard: Students need space to organise their clothes, uniforms, and other essentials properly. A hostel cupboard meets this requirement by providing ample space to keep all their stuff in place. From plastic cupboards to wooden ones, you will find a variety of material choices.
  • Bed with Storage: These beds come with storage to provide a comprehensive solution. These beds are a blessing for small spaces with insufficient space for other storage cabinets. You can choose from a kids single bed with storage or a kids double bed with storage per the requirements and space. Choose a single bed with mattress to avoid buying separate pieces of furniture.
  • Table with Drawer: To serve the purpose of studying and storage, these tables come with drawers to help students keep everything essential with ease of access. You can go for a small table, a side table with drawer, and more per the space and needs. Nilkamal also provides side table online without storage, so if you do not need extra storage, you can go for these.
  • Chair with Armrest: These chairs are equipped with armrests to make studying easier and provide ample support to read and write.

  • Bookshelf: Books are an essential part of a student’s journey, and bookshelves provide a dedicated storage space to keep the books organised.
  • Dining Table: Hostels feed a lot of students regularly, so there is a need for big-sized dining tables like 8-seater.
  • Storage Cabinet: Storage cabinets provide a dedicated space to ensure that every student's stuff stays in place. These cabinets also come as shoe storage to keep the footwear organised.
  • Dustbin: Hostel rooms are sure to collect a lot of garbage, and therefore, to maintain hygiene and cleanliness, dustbins are an essential piece.
  • Kids Folding Study Table: As there is little space available in hostel rooms, you can go for a folding study table that you can unfold when you want to use it and will not take up much space when not in use.

Library Racks

Libraries are a storehouse of books; therefore, library racks provide a dedicated space to keep everything organised and in place. Nilkamal delivers many material options for the library almirah, including plastic racks and wooden racks.

Teacher Furniture

To accommodate various school situations and individual preferences, Nilkamal Edge offers various solutions, including storage options and wooden teacher seats.

  • Teacher Chair and Teacher Table: Nilkamal Edge offers a selection of teacher desks and chairs for teachers that are tailored to meet different needs. Whether you like a classic wooden teacher chair, a modern and minimalist look, a teacher standing desk, or anything in between for a teachers table design or chair design, Nilkamal has options to suit your preferences.
  • Mobile Marker Board: Every modern classroom should have mobile boards since they are practical and necessary. The Nilkamal mobile boards are designed for educators who value flexibility and cutting-edge instruction.
  • Teacher Storage: An effective organisation is essential for a productive classroom, and Nilkamal Edge recognises this by offering a range of teacher storage choices. These include teacher lockers, shelving, and teacher cabinets as storage options.

Teaching Aids

Teaching aids are smart tools that include learning aids, instructional aids, and more that help teachers explain better and students understand better. Here are some of the teaching aids that will help make the experience better:

  • Traditional teaching aids: The educational system has traditionally included these crucial resources. Newspapers, textbooks, and the typical chalkboard are conventional instructional materials.
  • Visual aids: Visual learning tools make learning more engaging and clearer. Among the many types of visual aids are posters, models, figures, charts, and graphs.
  • Audio-visual Aids: Since these incorporate the greatest elements of audio and visual learning, AV aids offer a dynamic and all-encompassing approach to teaching. Different visual and audio aids include video materials, cassettes, movies, TV shows, and digital media. These types of audio-video aids help to improve the learning experience.

Auditorium Furniture

The choice of furniture is an important consideration, be it auditorium or lecture hall furniture, since it significantly influences the room's use and atmosphere. The good news is that there are numerous options, including tables, chairs, and more for lecture halls and auditoriums.

  • Auditorium Chair

The centrepiece of each lecture hall or auditorium is its seats. Some auditorium seats in educational institutions include auditorium chairs with writing pads or recliner auditorium chairs. These are available in various materials, including plastic auditorium chairs.

  • Auditorium Tables

The purpose of the auditorium tables is to provide a writing area and workstation. Choose the most appropriate solutions because they are available in various sizes and forms.

Why Choose Nilkamal Edge for Your Education Furniture Online?

Nilkamal is the chosen option for educational institutions due to several vital factors that improve the shopping experience, including the following:

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is at the centre of Nilkamal Edge's company philosophy. You are sure to obtain excellent items and exceptional service because of their dedication to meeting and surpassing client expectations.

Value for Money

Since educational finances are sometimes tight, cost-effectiveness is a crucial factor. The educational furniture from Nilkamal boasts affordability. You get more than simply dependable, practical furnishings; you get a financial commitment to the calibre of instruction your school offers.

High-end Quality

Furniture from Nilkamal is known for being of the highest calibre. Even in the demanding conditions of educational settings, their products are made to last.

Comfort and Productivity

Always consider the comfort and efficiency of students and teachers while designing the classroom atmosphere. The furniture by Nilkamal encourages comfort and boosts efficiency.

Extensive Product Variety

When it comes to furniture, educational institutions have a variety of requirements. Nilkamal knows this and provides various designs and styles to satisfy diverse tastes and needs. You get to choose from storage solutions, materials like leather, options that are weather resistant, and more.

Free Shipping

Budget restrictions frequently include delivery and shipping expenses. Nilkamal addresses this issue by providing free delivery on a number of their items.


The superior quality and robust construction of Nilkamal's furniture translate into longevity. The designs of products endure years of use, making them a wise and cost-effective choice for educational institutions.

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Where can I find the best education furniture suppliers?

Nilkamal Edge provides the right solution for all the school furniture requirements. You can look through the comprehensive catalogue online.

How Much Do Student Tables Cost in a Classroom?

Student table prices can vary depending on features like design, materials, and extras. Nilkamal offers affordable education chairs and student tables for classrooms that cater to different budget constraints while maintaining quality and durability.

What factors should I consider while purchasing teacher chairs for classroom?

Consider things like comfort, durability, and ergonomics when buying teacher seats for a classroom. The chair should adequately support Long hours of teaching to allow teachers to concentrate on their students without pain. Teacher desks in classroom also play an essential role in enhancing comfort. You need to consider the same factors while buying desks.

Does Nilkamal Edge provide wooden benches for schools?

Yes, wooden benches are among the many types of school furniture that Nilkamal offers.

Can I find different types of teaching furniture at Nilkamal Edge?

Undoubtedly, Nilkamal provides a range of school furniture, such as desks, seats, storage options, and more. This selection guarantees that educational institutions may choose furniture that complements their instructional strategies and room layouts.