Collection: Breakout Area

Collection: Breakout Area

Breakout areas have become a craze these days. Their many benefits for enhancing employee engagement, productivity and overall well-being make them essential for every organisation. Breakout areas are informal working spaces created within the organisations. A breakout area also serves as a casual working space. When tired of sitting at their desks, your employees can meet in the breakout area to prepare for a meeting or complete an assignment. The breakout areas are where employees can relax and enjoy a break from their computer screens. Therefore, a breakout area has various seating options for different purposes. It can have chairs and tables for working, armchairs or sofas for relaxing and workstations for group working. Breakout areas should be adaptable and inviting, so efficient and comfy furniture is an excellent way to optimise their functionality. 

Create A Trendy Breakout Area With Nilkamal Edge Furniture

Modern workplaces require to be dynamic and versatile. In an active workspace, you can distribute employees’ hectic work day between their work table, meetings, and discussions with their peers and clients. A breakout area is the perfect solution for optimised productivity with active employees. It is a place for your employees to relax, unwind, brainstorm outside the formal meeting rooms, work in informal settings away from their office tables and office chairs, or engage with their colleagues. The casual setting of a breakout area is conducive to the creativity and productivity of your employees. It can be a quiet space for relaxation with soft seating, such as sofas. A comfy Nilkamal sofa or a sofa set will help your employees relax away from their office desks. 

Creatively arranged office sofas can be the perfect space for your employees to brainstorm or work on any assignment. A breakout area can also be a fun and interactive informal workspace with a couple of office tables and office chairs. 

Breakout areas can be of various types depending on your requirements. A collaborative breakout cubicle is popular in start-up organisations. It has soft seating for employees to sit around and discuss or brainstorm ideas. With a combination of furniture, your organisation's breakout area will be ideal for your employees to relax, work and interact, optimising their productivity. 

Important Things To Consider To Create A Relaxing Breakout Area

Your organisation's breakout area is where employees relax, interact, discuss, and enjoy their free time. It is a space different and separate from your working space. 

By considering the following factors, create an efficient and relaxing breakout area:


The first thing to consider for a breakout area is its purpose. The purpose will be the foundation for everything else. Do you want the breakout area for your employees to work in an informal and quiet environment, or will it be a place for your employees to congregate to interact, collaborate, discuss and relax? It can also be a mix of two, with separate areas for casual working space and relaxing. The purpose will decide how you design it and its size. 


The right furniture is necessary to ensure your office’s breakout area optimises its intended use and purpose. It should reflect its purpose through the furniture. For instance, a breakout area meant for relaxation can have a couch sofa or comfy chairs for the comfort of your employees as they unwind. A breakout area for brainstorming or collaborative work can have space-saving office furniture. 

The employee can use a few sets of office table and chair or modular office desks and chairs for working on their laptops or presentations. A breakout space with both collaborative working and relaxing spaces, you can get a mix of furniture, including both an office table and chair with a couch sofa. This furniture will aid your employees in working creatively in an informal setting with utmost comfort to relax and give their best. 


Aesthetics are crucial in breakout area design. It is a place where your employees go to relax and socialise. So, it’s best to opt for casual aesthetics without any stuffiness or formal furniture. To create a relaxing and informal feel, ensure the aesthetics are simple and fun. 

The choice of colours greatly influences the sense of the place. Opt for a bold and vibrant colour scheme. Cheery, bright colours will encourage your employees to relax and destress. Creative use of soft lighting with laidback furniture crafted from a playful material and features will enhance the casual ambience. 


A breakout area is not the main office area. Still, it is the space where your employees relax, interact, and sometimes work. Though your employees may only spend a little time there, the furniture must still be strong and sturdy. Strong and sturdy furniture provides adequate support to your employees as they relax. Therefore, choose furniture constructed with superior material and features, ensuring longevity and durability. Durable and long-lasting furniture is a cost-efficient investment for your employees' well-being.

Advantages Of A Breakout Area

Here are a few of the top benefits of a breakout area:

Employee Well-Being

Your employees spend long working hours. You have invested in ergonomic office furniture to cater to their comfort. Still, sitting at their desks for a prolonged time can hamper their productivity. A breakout area with comfortable chairs allows your employees to move away to relax. A cosy place to relax enables them to unwind and destress.

Collaborative/ Interaction Space

Employees constantly interact and discuss their assignments and projects. However, they do so in the formal atmosphere of a conference room. A breakout space with its designer sofa set can be a tremendous informal alternative to the formal conference room. The relaxed and casual atmosphere can positively impact your employees' creativity. Your employees are constantly working, so despite their meetings, they get fewer chances of interacting casually with each other. Relaxing on a sofa chair in the breakout area can allow them to interact and know each other.

Alternative Work Space

Sitting in the same executive office chair daily, surrounded by various office acoustics, isn’t always the best productive setting. With constant phone ringing or office conversations, it can become difficult to focus sometimes. Your employees need a quiet space to work or focus away from distractions. A different setting, away from the office acoustics, can inspire their creativity and enhance their focus. The breakout area can serve as an alternative workplace for such times. Your employees can be more productive in the flexible atmosphere of the breakout area, sitting on a sofa chair.

Promotes Employee Movement

Sitting for long hours in the same place, even on ergonomic office furniture, can cause body stiffness or aches. A breakout area encourages your employees to move around. You can incorporate some fun features in the breakout area to encourage your employees to get up from their desks. Movement and socialising will help you create a healthy and happy team. 

Choose The Best Breakout Area Furniture From The Vast Catalogue Of Nilkamal Edge

Breakout areas are multifunctional spaces in your office. Here are the types of furniture you can use in the breakout area:

Office Furniture

Though breakout areas are casual spaces, sometimes your employees use them as an alternative workplace or for working on a group project. To help them work in a comfortable and supportive space, you need to have a few office desks or office tables along with comfortable office chairs. Office tables and office chairs will ensure your employees work in a supportive environment for optimal productivity. You can also create modular cubes with booth seating in the breakout area for your employees to work individually. 

Office Sofas

The breakout space is a relaxing area. So, it should have some relaxing furniture for your employees' relaxation. Nilkamal Edge has a wide variety of office sofas and modular sofas for optimal seating comfort. The sofa collection has sofas in various sizes ranging from a single sofa to a 2 seater sofa, and from a 3 seater sofa to a 5 seater sofa set. Choose the size of the sofa as per the available space. You can choose a comfy couch, an L-shape sofa or a wooden sofa with a breakout table, depending on the aesthetics of the breakout area. 

Book Rack

To create a relaxing reading space in your breakout area, you can incorporate a book rack. It will give your employees a quiet place to read in their free time. You can get stylish bookshelf and bookcase designs at Nilkamal Edge in varied sizes. To your reading areas, you can add an ergonomic chair or a revolving chair with a wooden bookshelf for your employees to sit and read peacefully. When you have a small breakout area, you can pair a corner sofa with a table and a wall bookshelf to create a relaxing reading nook. 

Why Buy Breakout Area Furniture From Nilkamal Edge

From comfortable chairs to a leather sofa, you will get everything necessary at Nilkamal Edge to create a breakout space. The following are the main reasons to choose office furniture from Nilkamal Edge:

  • Superior Quality- Nilkamal Edge is renowned for its superior quality products. All its products are made from high-quality materials. All its materials, ranging from wood to fabric, are of premium quality. The quality materials used assure you of the optimal longevity and durability of the products. 
  • Shopping Experience- When you shop at Nilkamal Edge, you are sure of a delightful shopping experience. The easy-to-use website aids in quick exploration and selection of products. With convenient check-out, your shopping will completed within a few minutes. Nilkamal Edge ensures your products are shipped quickly and securely to your address.  
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What sofas can I use in my office breakout area?

You can use any sofas of your choice in your breakout area. Nilkamal sofa designs are available in various styles, including an L shape sofa set.

What table style will look appropriate in the breakout area?

The table style will depend on the seating arrangement of our breakout space. For example, with an L shape sofa set, a rectangular table will look nice. You can use an L shaped table for more seating space in your breakout area. A L shaped table will give you ample space for placing many chairs

Can I buy a shoe cabinet online at Nilkamal Edge?

Yes. You can buy shoe cabinet online at Nilkamal Edge. Nilkamal Edge has various storage solutions, from shoe cabinets to file cabinets.

Does Nilkamal Edge have modular reception desks?

Yes. Nilkamal Edge has many styles of modular reception desks. Explore our catalogue for stylish office furniture.