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Emergency Storage Cart

Emergency Storage Cart


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Product Description:

Nilkamal EDGE Emergency Trolley: Unmatched Efficiency for Medical Emergencies
  • Easy to clean+and sanitise

    Easy to clean

    and sanitise

  • Ergonomic+Design



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  • Easy to+clean

    Easy to


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Product Features

Uncompromised Strength & Stability:
Crafted from a premium blend of aluminum, steel, and ABS engineering plastic, the Nilkamal EDGE Emergency Trolley guarantees exceptional durability and weight capacity. The four-column load-bearing construction ensures unwavering stability even under demanding situations.
Enhanced Functionality & Safety:
ABS injection molded countertops with a unique concave design prevent medical equipment from slipping, minimizing the risk of accidents during critical moments. Integrated stainless steel guardrails provide an additional layer of security.
Optimized Organization & Accessibility:
The Nilkamal EDGE Emergency Trolley boasts a thoughtfully designed workspace. A convenient defibrillation platform allows for immediate access to life-saving equipment. A hidden sub-workbench offers additional storage space for essential medical supplies.
Streamlined Workflow & Effortless Maneuvering:
The central control lock streamlines the locking and unlocking process, saving valuable time during emergencies. These premium castors ensure smooth rolling and quiet operation, creating a more peaceful environment for patients and medical staff.
Designed for Seamless Integration:
The Nilkamal EDGE Emergency Trolley seamlessly integrates into existing medical environments. Its sleek design and compact footprint promote efficient space utilization.
Dimensions & Weight
Dimension 750mm x 475mm x 950mm
Material & Finish
Seat Material Metal. Plastic
Understructure Metal. Plastic
Other Info
Color Grey Blue
Carton Size
Carton Details
1 Year
Regular wiping can help to retain the original quality of the product for a long duration. Regular servicing and maintainace enhances life of healthcare products
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