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Concord Motorised 2 Function Bed

Concord Motorised 2 Function Bed


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Product Description:

The Fowler motorised bed provides comfort with head and leg mobility, polymer panels, and side railings, making it perfect for patient care.

Material :

  • Polymer Moulded Set of 2 Side Railing
  • Polymer Moulded Head and Foot Panel. Leg fitted with PVC Shoes
  • The Bed Frame Made of 60mm X 30mm of 16g ERW Tubes Mild Steel
  • Top Made of 18g CRCA Sheet
  • Easy to clean+and sanitise

    Easy to clean

    and sanitise

  • Ergonomic+Design



  • Easy to+clean

    Easy to


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Product Features

Easy operation
The motorised bed adjustment allows patients/caregivers to find the preferred comfortable position. The bed adjustment while sitting upright or reclining with elevated legs.
Easy access design
With the adjustable function, the medical staff can easily access and monitor the patient's condition, perform medical procedures and administer treatments.
Safe design
Polymer moulded side rails provide a protective barrier to the motorised hospital bed. The rails reduce the risk of patients accidentally rolling off the bed during or while changing positions.
Accessories to enhance comfort
The bed has IV pole attachments on all 4 sides, enabling the medical staff to position the IV line and pumps effortlessly per the patient's need and condition.
Robust construction
The multi function bed has a robust construction, which gives it a long service life and cost-effective option in the long run.
Dimensions & Weight
Dimension 1025 (W) x 2050 (L) x 610 (H) mm
Material & Finish
Structure Motorised Bed
Other Info
Carton Size
Carton Details
1 Year
To provide the best patient comfort and hygiene, regularly clean the bed with a mild disinfectant, change the sheets regularly, check the motorised parts' smooth operation, and adhere to safety regulations.
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