Multitude Of Advantages Of A Recliner Chair In Hospitals For Patients and Caregivers

Multitude Of Advantages Of A Recliner Chair In Hospitals For Patients and Caregivers

Hospital chairs are crucial in various treatments and medical procedures of your healthcare facility. Optimal comfort of patients is equally important in healthcare facilities as expert healthcare teams and exceptional treatment. Comfortable hospital chairs ensure the patients' optimal well-being during and after their treatment. Everyone knows the importance of a wheelchair in a hospital or healthcare facility. However, in addition to a wheelchair, there is another patient chair that significantly impacts the comfort and well-being of patients. That patient chair is a hospital recliner chair

A hospital recliner chair is essential in every medical facility to keep patients comfortable as they undergo procedures such as chemotherapy or dialysis. Even after their procedure, a recliner chair ensures the patients recover in recliner chair optimal comfort for speedier and complete recovery. A recliner chair comes with an array of healthcare-specific features such as Trendelenburg positioning, height adjustment or swing-away arms for the safety and comfort of patients. Additionally, recliner chairs also come with treatment-specific features to facilitate the healthcare professional in providing superior treatment. Therefore, various types of recliner hospital chairs are essential for your healthcare facility for an excellent and conducive treatment environment. Let’s know the popular types of hospital recliners and the various benefits of a hospital recliner chair for both patients and your healthcare staff. 

Popular Hospital Recliner Chairs 

Recliner chairs in healthcare facilities play the dual role of enhancing the comfort of the patients and facilitating the healthcare professionals in providing excellent medical care. 

The popular types of hospital recliner chairs are:

Standard Recliner Chair 

A standard recliner chair is suitable for various purposes. As it is versatile, it comes with easy operations. Like normal recliners, it comes with a simple mechanism for tilting and adjusting the sitting positions. It can either be manually operated or with a remote. An electric recliner chair is more popular as it is easier to use by the patients. As a standard  is easy to use and versatile, a standard recliner chair can be used in various procedures, in waiting rooms or in hospital rooms. An electric recliner chair, along with a hospital patient bed, is perfect for the comfort of patients recovering from their surgeries. 

Geriatric Recliner Chair

A Geriatric recliner chair is designed for elderly patients. This patient chair comes with lumbar support, extra padding, and an adjustable headrest for enhanced seating comfort. This chair is suitable to provide optimal support for elderly patients who have mobility issues due to age or medical procedures. Elderly patients find it challenging to move from their hospital beds or semi fowler beds. With its height adjustment and position adjustment mechanism, it makes it easier for caregivers to assist patients to stand or sit safely or move from their medical bed, reducing the chances of falling. 

Medical Treatment Recliner 

A medical treatment recliner comes with specialised features such as adjustable trays, built-in infusion pole holder, and side pockets. It helps in treating patients for specialised treatment procedures such as dialysis or chemotherapy. Popular medical recliners include a dialysis chair, a paediatric recliner chair, and a dental chair. Some treatments, such as dental treatments, require patients to be reclined; for such treatments, a single recliner chair, such as a dental chair, is perfect. Some patients may have difficulty lying in hospital beds or semi fowler beds during their procedure. For such patients, a medical recliner chair, such as a dialysis chair, provides convenience and comfort during their extended medical procedure, allowing them to receive treatment while seated comfortably. 

Stair Chair 

A stair chair is a movable single recliner chair to carry patients up and down the stairs. At times, due to space constraints or to ensure patients remain seated, hospitals install a stair chair to transport them on stairs instead of using a folding wheelchair or a wheelchair. A stair chair is also popular in homes with elderly people with mobility issues. It makes the elderly safe and convenient when they need to take the stairs. They can easily take the stair chair themselves instead of being carried on a wheelchair or folding wheelchair by their caregiver. 

Lift Chair 

A lift chair assists the patients to steadily get up or sit down from their medical bed or other chairs. It is also helpful for the caregiver to help the patient to stand from their hospital fowler bed easily. A lift chair operated with a remote can be adjusted to many positions to help patients do several things, such as sleep, relax or read in comfort. It is beneficial for patients with mobility issues who require caregivers' aid to stand or sit. 

Benefits Of Hospital Recliner Chairs 

Hospital recliner chairs provide exceptional convenience and comfort to both caregivers and patients. They contribute immensely to the comfort and overall well-being of patients during their treatment and in their recovery. On the other hand, hospital recliner chairs make it easier for healthcare professionals or caregivers to manage and administer patients. Let’s know the benefits of hospital recliner chairs for patients and caregivers. 

Benefits of Hospital Recliner Chairs For Patients 

1) Optimised Mobility Comfort- A hospital recliner chair is designed with specialised ergonomic features, keeping in mind the patient’s well-being and comfort. It allows patients to sit and relax in their preferred position at an angle comfortable for them. Some recliners, such as lift chairs, help the patients to stand or sit comfortably without exerting their back or joints. Therefore, hospital recliners are extremely beneficial in providing comfort for patients with mobility issues, pain, or discomfort or who are elderly or undergoing any lengthy treatment. 

2) Reduced Treatment Strain- Patients, when they sit on recliners instead of other chairs, have reduced strain or pressure on their back or joints. Recliners, with their height and position adjustment features, alleviate pain and pressure from the lower back and joints. They help mitigate the risk of back pain or bedsores that happen in long-term patients from lying in their hospital fowler bed for a long time. For such patients, a recliner chair can be extremely helpful in reducing strain during movements. 

3) Enhanced Mobility Support- Geriatric or bariatric recliners provide mobility support to patients experiencing mobility issues or who need support from a caregiver when getting up or sitting down. With the assistance of these specialised recliner chairs, patients can sit down or stand up safely without help or with minimum help. These recliners reduce their risk of falling, making their movements manageable by themselves.  

4) Reduce Emotional Stress – Patients, especially children and seniors, are more emotionally distressed. The comfort and convenience of hospital recliners reduce their stress during treatment. The patient-friendly features help them relax and sit comfortably at their convenience. This helps to reduce their anxiety and stress. 

5) Optimised Treatment Comfort - Certain treatments, such as dialysis or chemotherapy, can be better administered on a medical recliner chair than a hospital patient bed. Medical recliners equipped with trays and infusion pole holders are convenient for patients for lengthy procedures as the patients can sit in their preferred position. 

6) Enhanced Blood Circulation- Long-term patients, especially those who suffer from poor blood circulation due to restricted movements. This can lead to slow recovery and discomfort. Recliner chairs provide exceptional sitting comfort to such patients with ease of movement and parallel comfort as lying on hospital beds. Sitting daily in varying positions instead of lying in hospital beds improves their blood circulation. 

Benefits of Hospital Recliner Chairs For Caregivers

1) Optimised Movement Safety- During their hospital stay, patients are examined by the doctors. For some examinations, patients need to move from their hospital beds to a wheelchair or another chair. During getting up or getting back on their beds, the patient may fall even with a caregiver present or assisting. There is a reduced need to transfer patients from a hospital fowler bed to a wheelchair and vice versa for examination. 

2) Easy Of Operation – Hospital recliners are easy to operate. Caregivers can easily adjust the position or height settings with minimal effort. This helps them to assist patients with mobility issues without exerting themselves. 

3) Reduced Physical Strain – Caregivers, when helping or supporting patients to sit or stand, sometimes experience tremendous physical strain or can incur some injury. Recliners, especially geriatric and bariatric recliners, reduce their physical strain as they transition patients between sitting and standing. 

4) Optimised Treatment Delivery- Hospital recliners will help your healthcare professionals to administer treatments more efficiently.

5) Enhanced Patient Satisfaction- Hospital recliners make your patients more comfortable during their recovery and treatments. Better comfort and efficient treatment make them satisfied with their hospital or treatment visit. Enhanced comfort and satisfaction positively impact their recovery. 


The hospital recliner chair offers a multitude of benefits for both patients and healthcare providers. Patients experience more comfort, reduced discomfort, and enhanced mobility support. Caregivers ensure better treatment, safety and reduced physical strain on patients, improving their medical care and treatment. Therefore, hospital recliner chairs are crucial for better treatment and healthcare. Nillkamal Edge offers a wide variety of hospital chairs for optimised patient care. By selecting these medical recliner chairs, you can enhance the care, comfort and well-being of patients in your healthcare facility.