Maximise Workplace Wellness with Upgraded Office Seating Solutions

Maximise Workplace Wellness with Upgraded Office Seating Solutions

Does your current office workspace with tables and chairs ignite a sense of inspiration within your team? Do they encapsulate company values, create brand awareness, and complement employee well-being? If your office space breathes life and wellness, where every corner pulsates with vibrancy and employee productivity, then clearly, your employees are doing their best. If not, it is time to embrace an office environment with employee desks, a multipurpose chair, reception desks, waiting room chairs, and a bold chair, that breathes employee health and well-being. Office trends are dynamic as they change with time, much like the end of cubical farms and the onset of open floor plans. But quality workplace design depends on wellness rooms, sit-stands, healthy lunch options, company fitness benefits, and ergonomic seating. Only ergonomic seating with the right office chairs and tables can provide uninterrupted time for employees to focus on work. Let's dive deeper into making your office workspace calming, comfortable, and productive with the right office chairs.

Why Are Wellness-Centric Furniture Designs Necessary? 

A work environment that allows ideas to flow freely and encourages employees to connect and exchange knowledge, where collective genius thrives, can improve productivity. An employee-centric furniture design can create strong bonds and boost employee satisfaction and morale. A nurturing workplace can promote healthy work-life balance, loyalty, engagement, and peak employee performance. Agile spaces with carefully crafted waiting room chairs, office guest chairs and conference room chairs accommodating flexibility, adaptability, and technological advancements can inspire dynamic employee interactions.

Effects of Poor Posture 

A Sense of Frustration 

A workplace with poor ergonomics and comfort often leads to a sense of frustration and lower employee satisfaction rates. It affects employee focus and workplace wellness, taking a toll on productivity.

No Proper Blood Circulation

Sitting on the wrong office waiting room chairs can affect the blood flow. The hours employees spend on their office chairs will still take a toll, compounding the issue with the risk of obesity and other health-related risks.

Back, Neck and Shoulder Pain 

A lack of proper spinal alignment increases muscle strain and causes employee discomfort, especially during long sitting hours. It can lead to an increase in medical leaves, hampering productivity.

Decreased Employee Focus

Incorrect office guest chairs, conference room chairs, workspace chairs or a bold chair can reduce employee concentration levels. Employees start focusing on readjusting their office chairs to find a comfortable position instead of working. It can lead to increased fatigue and foggy brain scenarios, hampering employee satisfaction and workplace efficiency.

Productivity Dips 

Employee workplace without proper desks and office chairs can decrease their overall productivity while hampering health.

Why Does Ergonomics Matter? 

Just as spending ample time to retain top talent, companies should foster a work environment that empowers employees with the right office furniture to work, think and collaborate naturally. Ergonomics reduce employee discomfort and provide proper lumbar support with neck and back rest. Ergonomic office chairs can reduce the muscle tension in joints, ligaments and nerves. Ergonomically designed office guest chairs, wheel chairs, and training room chairs can prevent slouching and reduce the likelihood of developing health issues such as strained muscles, lower back pain, or carpal tunnel syndrome. Ergonomics makes employees feel that employers care about and treat them with respect.

Some ergonomic features to look for in office reception chairs and other functional chairs are:

  • Adjustable seat height where employees can keep their knees at a 90-degree angle.
  • Lumbar support mechanism that aligns the chair with the natural spine curvature of employees.
  • Adjustable armrests provide arm support during long sitting hours.
  • Adjustable backrest to recline, relax, and work comfortably.

Factors To Look For While Selecting Office Seating Solutions 


Your office visitor chair should complement the office decor and exude brand value while maintaining professionalism. A minimalistic black colour chair can go well with any interior while complementing the brand's identity. You can make the chair for reception area more inviting by allowing fresh air, installing green plants, etc.

Ergonomics And Comfort 

An ergonomic office visitor chair can provide elevated comfort during long sitting hours while improving employee wellness, minimising productivity drains, and supporting posture. Go for an ergonomic multipurpose chair with customizable adjustments that support the back, seat depth, tilt, neck, and head.


Office reception chairs or wheel chairs should be flexible, allowing employees to sit comfortably irrespective of weight, size or height. Look for a waiting area chair that maximises flexibility so employees can focus on work and improve efficiency.


Look for retailers offline and online who provide warranty periods for your ergonomic office chairs to ensure durability and ease of replacement.

The Furniture Dimensions 

Always assess your office space before making a purchase decision. Select furniture dimensions depending on the space availability that works well for your office layout. 

Top Reception Chairs for Comfortable Employee Seating 

Different visitor chair styles that meet ergonomics and employee comfort are waiting room chairs with mesh design and mid-back style, waiting room chairs with arms, office visitor chair with perforated back support, a chair for reception with leather upholstery and chrome accents, lounge chairs, executive office guest chairs, PVC upholstery waiting area chair, bench chairs and swing chair with seat cushion.

Zing Training Chair         

If you need a multipurpose chair that exudes style and complements ergonomics while being pivotal for a training session, a Zing training chair with/ without arms is an ideal mid-back visitor chair with ergonomic design.

Volga Chair 

Volga chair has mid-back and high-back variants, with the cushion upholstered in fabric that offers enhanced aesthetics and complies with ergonomics. Volga visitor chair has an adjustable armrest and headrest for elevated employee comfort.

Volga Plus Chair 

The Volga Plus chair has mid-back and high-back seating covered with stain-resistant leatherette. The high-back variant is a comfortable swing chair with wheels for easy movement.

Zing With Arm Chair 

If you need a chair for reception in executive style, the Zing with Arm Chair should be your go-to option that shines with adjustable arm and headrest, smooth wheels and comfortable moulded PU foam cushion.

Prius Chair 

Do you want to elevate workdays with ergonomics, durability and versatility? Pirus chair adapts to your office needs with an ergonomic design that cradles your body, promoting posture and focus for a productive day. Made with a Virgin plastic shell cushioned back and breathable fabric upholstery, it is perfect for workstations, conference rooms, and office waiting room chairs.

Trenton Chair 

Need a swing chair with a mesh back and proper lumbar support? Trenton chair is your saviour with an adjustable neck rest blending with various office decors. Its modern design allows excellent ventilation that ensures comfort even during hot temperatures.

Thames Neo Chair 

Thames Neo Chair has a high mesh back with armrests, a sleek design for contemporary decor, smooth castor wheels and ergonomic support.

Festa Visitor Chair

These office reception chairs have three variants- waiting room chairs with arms, without arms, with arms and seat cushions. Festa Visitor chair has a sturdy build and a minimalistic design, is ergonomic-friendly, and apt for even small office spaces.

Zing Visitor Chair

If you want an office reception chair without arms, a zing visitor chair with a tastefully constructed cushioned seat and smooth wheels is ideal. The ergonomic design adjusts to fit any body size and shape, making them an ideal waiting area chair.

Contract Visitor Chair 

A contract visitor chair is a must-have when you do not want a swing chair but need a minimalistic, soft PVC and stackable chair for reception. Seat and back made up of Ply and cushion upholstered with Soft PVC is a durable seating solution, especially for training rooms, hospital reception areas or educational institutions.

Amaze Visitor Chair 

A swing chair may not be ideal for a large waiting area accommodating more employees. Modern minimalist office guest chairs with a vented backrest can enable long seating hours without pain. The Amaze visitor chair can ease the working duration with upholstered seat cushions, a perforated backrest and comfortable seating.

Indus Visitor Chair and Reed Visitor Chair are other office waiting room chairs with fully adjustable seating, allowing employees to sit with feet flat on the floor and knees at a 90-degree angle, parallel to their hips, reducing the risk of workplace injuries. Nilkamal Edge also has ergonomic school chair collections, including Hertz Chair, Ohms Chair, Grape Chair, etc. You can grab a sleek-looking chair with ample legroom to elevate a flexible learning experience with a shell back and cantilever frame, durable and space-saving.

Wrapping Up 

Investing in an office visitor chair that prioritises employee wellness and health can go beyond posture adjustment. Office chair designs that combine height-adjustability, lumbar support, and collaborative working can keep employees comfortable and healthy throughout the day, promoting a productive work environment. Nilkamal Edge is a one-stop furniture destination for your office needs with visitor chair collections like the Indus Visitor Chair, Volga Chair, Zing Chair, Festa Visitor Chair, Amaze Visitor Chair, Zing Training Chair, Volga Visitor Chair, Prius Chair, Volga Plus Chair, Reed Visitor Chair, Thames Neo Chair, and more. You can explore other ergonomic school chairs like the Hertz Chair, Ohms Chair, and Grape Chair that promote a flexible learning experience. Buy from Nilkamal Edge today and grab functional, ergonomic and affordable office chairs.