A comprehensive style guide to choose the right office chair

A comprehensive style guide to choose the right office chair

Planning to buy office chairs but confused about the right style? Read our extensive office chair style guide to choose the perfect office chairs

Office chairs are the backbone of every office. These essential office furniture provide a comfortable space for your employees to sit and work for hours. As your employees spend approximately eight hours working, you need to ensure their working chairs are supportive of their posture, productivity, efficiency, and well-being. Office chairs play a dual role in functional and aesthetic furniture pieces.  

Office chairs are of various types, suited for different purposes. Read our comprehensive style guide of various office chairs to choose the right ones for your office.

Office Chairs Style Guide

Office chairs are available in various designs, styles, materials, sizes and shapes to fulfil distinct purposes. From chairs for your employees to your reception chairs, every chair is an office chair with a different purpose. However, traditionally, office chairs are of two broad types- task chairs and executive chairs.

Task Chair

 A Task chair, commonly known as a computer chair, is a standard office chair. It comes with ergonomic features for proper posture and easy movement, such as:

  1. Adjustable seats,
  2. Adjustable backrests
  3. Armrests
  4. Lumbar support
  5. Swivel base and casters


Executive Chair

An executive chair is a statement chair similar to a task chair but for better comfort and larger in size. An executive chair often has features such as:

  1. High backs
  2. Thick, winged cushioning with button tufting
  3. Padded armrest
  4. Superior lumbar support
  5. Tilt backrest
  6. Leather details
  7. Kick plates


Specific Purpose Office Chairs

There are specific office chairs designed for specific usage or purposes. They are:

  1. Big & Tall Chair- A standard office chair is not every body type. Your tall and big employees may need extra room to sit comfortably. For such people, there is a significant and tall chair constructed with extra seat space and extra weight-bearing capacity.


  1. Drafting Chair/Stool- A drafting chair or stool is designed for drafting table or standing table usage. It comes with a high seat height, seat back and foot-support ring or bar to sit comfortably.
  1. Ergonomic Chair- An ergonomic chair is the most popular office chair. It is constructed for enhanced comfort and support to improve the performance, posture and well-being of the employees.


  1. Small Chair – Some of your employees may be of petite stature. For such employees, a standard chair will not be comfortable. A small office chair comes with a low back, height and a small seat.
  1. Mesh Chair- A mesh chair typically comes with a mesh seat and backrest. It is constructed for enhanced ventilation and reduced overheating in hot and humid office spaces. The mesh fabric of this chair promotes air circulation to keep the user cool.


  1. Armless Chair- This office chair has no arms or armrests. It is suitable for compact office spaces, with more seats in a small space.
  1. Tablet Chair- A tablet chair is used for training rooms, study spaces or libraries where people need to write or note down things. This office chair has an extended arm or flat surface to support the notebook or laptop.


Here are the most popular models of office chairs:

  1. Bold Chair – The Bold chair is a high-back office chair with PU upholstery. It is one of the most popular office wheel chairs. The seat comes with a centre tilt mechanism for comfortable seating. Bold chair has fixed PU padded armrests.


  1. Volga Chair- Volga chair is a premium office chair available in both high and mid backrests. This office chair comes with adjustable armrests and a CTS mechanism for a comfortable seating experience. The upholstered seat and backrest of Volga chair provide comfy seating for extended hours.
  1. Volga Plus Chair- Volga plus chair is a luxurious office chair made of leatherette material. The plush seat and backrest will provide your employees with a superior working chair. Volga plus chair comes with a weight-sensitive mechanism with a multi-position-locking system. Pu padded headrest, superior lumbar support, and adjustable armrests make this one of the most popular office wheel chairs.


  1. Zing With Arm Chair- Zing with arm chair is a popular office chair that has a comfortable seat and backrest. This movable chair comes with bottom wheels and a seat made of moulded PU foam. Made with soft crepe fabric, Zing with arm chair has sturdy armrests for enhanced work support.
  1. Prius Chair- The Prius Chair is a standard office chair with armrests and wheels. The comfortable seat and backrest are perfect for extensive work hours. Available with a mesh back, the Prius Chair provides comfortable seating for long hours.


  1. Trenton Chair- The Trenton Chair comes in two variants-high and mid back height. This office chair has a mesh back with a PU upholstery seat. Trenton Chair comes with adjustable armrests and a self-adjusting mechanism to lock the sitting position. It is one of the best office wheel chairs for superior comfort and lumbar support.
  1. Thames Neo Chair- The Thames Neo Chair is available in three back heights-high, mid and low. The metal frame backrest has a push-back mechanism. The comfortable cushion seat of Thames Neo Chair is made from PU foam and comes with fixed armrests.


  1. Zing Training Chair- The Zing training chair is the most popular training chair model. This training chair comes with a writing tablet for keeping notepads or laptops during training. The cushioned seat and back of this chair are made of shell PP for enhanced comfort.

Office Chairs For Communal Areas

The communal area office chairs are:

  1. Visitor Chair- A visitor chair is designed for the guests or visitors of your office. It is lighter and smaller than other office chairs. A visitor chair is available in various designs and styles to suit different decors and aesthetics.


  1. Conference Chair- A conference or meeting chair is designed for your conference room. It is a lightweight and compact chair for easy movement. A conference chair is available in various styles and sizes to suit your conference room décor.
  1. Reception Chair/Sofa- A reception chair/sofa is a type of office chair for the waiting room or reception area of your office. It is typically stationary with a cantilever base, sledge or a 4-leg base. A reception sofa can be of different seating capacity from 1 seater to 3 seater.


Here are the most popular models of visitors chairs:

  1. Festa Visitor Chair- The Festa visitor chair is available with arm and without armrest variation. Made with superior moulded PP material, this stackable chair is perfect for conference rooms, visitor rooms or any other communal areas.


  1. Zing Visitor Chair- One of the most popular multipurpose office chairs, the Zing Visitor Chair is suited for any office space. This chair with a cushioned seat in moulded PU foam comes with a nylon starbase. The Zing visitor chair, with its crepe fabric upholstery, will provide an excellent seating experience for your visitors.
  1. Indus Visitor Chair- The Indus Visitor Chair comes with a PU upholstered seat and back. Its chrome-plated MS frame is sturdy for long sitting. The Indus Visitor Chair, with its elegant appeal, is perfect for any reception area or visitor room.


  1. Contract Visitor Chair- The Contract Visitor Chair comes in two variations. Choose from with armrest and without armrest design as per your preference. The Contract Visitor Chair has a metal frame with a fixed base. Its fabric and PVC cushion upholstery provide excellent comfort and support.
  1. Volga Visitor Chair- The Volga Visitor Chair stands out for its ergonomic design. It has a nylon star base for easy movement. The Volga Visitor Chair, with its mesh back and wheels, is perfect to create a favourable impression on your office visitors.


  1. Reed Visitor Chair- The Reed Visitor Chair is available in two timeless colours: white and black. This soft PVC upholstered sofa chair comes in three seating capacities. Choose from 1 seater sofa chair to a 3 seater sofa for your visitor room. The Reed Visitor Chair is made from kiln-dried hardwood complimented with a sturdy plywood frame.
  1. Amaze Visitor Chair- The Amaze visitor chair is one of the most popular visitor chair models. It comes with a fixed armrest and an upholstered cushion seat of PP material. With a perforated backrest, this chair is perfect for any office space.


Flexible Purpose Chairs

Some of the popular models of flexible usage chairs are the swing chair, Grape chair, Hertz chair and Ohms chair. All these -Swing chair, Grape chair, Hertz chair and Ohms chair can be used for different purposes and easily stored when not in use. The types of flexible-purpose chairs are:

  1. Folding Chair- A folding chair is a space-saving office chair perfect for temporary usage. This lightweight and compact office chair can be easily ported and stored when not in use.


  1. Stackable Chair- A stackable chair is a lightweight, compact office chair suitable for temporary use. The stackable design makes it easier to store them stacked to save space.


 The right office chairs can enhance the functionality, productivity and visual appeal of your office. You need comfortable office chairs not just for your employees but for your guests too. To buy the best office chairs, Nilkamal Edge is the perfect brand. With an extensive catalogue of every type of office furniture, it fulfils all your office furniture requirements.