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Heal Motorized Examination Couch

Heal Motorized Examination Couch


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Product Description:

Unmatched Comfort & Durability for Healthcare Professionals
  • Easy to clean+and sanitise

    Easy to clean

    and sanitise

  • Ergonomic+Design



  • Extremely+Durable



  • Easy to+clean

    Easy to


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Product Features

Comfort Meets Functionality:
Introducing the Nilkamal EDGE Heal Examination Couch, the perfect blend of patient comfort and functional design. The plush headrest and soft, high-resilience foam with good air permeability provide exceptional comfort during examinations. This couch is ideal for various healthcare settings, ensuring a positive experience for both patients and professionals.
Unwavering Stability & Easy Maintenance:
Crafted with a focus on stability and ease of use, the Nilkamal EDGE Heal Examination Couch features a thickened ABS plastic base that prevents wobbling and ensures patient safety. The PU leather upholstery is water and stain resistant, making cleaning effortless and maintaining a hygienic environment a breeze.
Designed for the Needs of Healthcare Professionals:
The Nilkamal EDGE Heal Examination Couch is meticulously designed with healthcare professionals in mind. The comfortable headrest and soft foam ensure patient comfort during examinations, while the stable base and easy-clean PU leather upholstery promote a smooth workflow. This versatile couch is a valuable addition to any medical facility.
Invest in Quality, Invest in Patient Care:
The Nilkamal EDGE Heal Examination Couch represents an investment in both patient care and the longevity of your equipment. High-quality materials like PU leather and a thickened ABS plastic base guarantee the couch's durability and resistance to wear and tear. This ensures a comfortable examination experience for your patients for years to come.
The Perfect Choice for Modern Healthcare Facilities:
Create a professional and inviting atmosphere in your healthcare facility with the Nilkamal EDGE Heal Examination Couch. This modern and functional couch combines exceptional patient comfort with a focus on hygiene and ease of use. The high-quality materials and sleek design make it a perfect choice for healthcare professionals seeking a reliable and long-lasting examination couch.
Dimensions & Weight
Dimension 1820mm(L) x 650mm(W) x 620 - 880mm(H)
Material & Finish
Seat Material Metal
Understructure Metal
Other Info
Color Grey Blue
Carton Size
Carton Details
1 Year
Regular wiping can help to retain the original quality of the product for a long duration. Regular servicing and maintainace enhances life of healthcare products
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