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Galen Motorised 5 Function ICU Bed

Galen Motorised 5 Function ICU Bed


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Product Description:

The GALEN bed is a motorised bed with a single remote, a large side rail, and polymer-moulded head and foot panels.

Material :

  • Polymer Moulded Set of 4 Tuck Down Side Railing
  • Polymer Moulded Head and Foot Panel
  • Aluminium Mechanism for Side Rails 125mm
  • Twin Wheel Castor with Diagonal Braking
  • Easy to clean+and sanitise

    Easy to clean

    and sanitise

  • Ergonomic+Design



  • Supports+movement



  • Easy to+clean

    Easy to


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Product Features

Lowest height setting 340 mm
The Galon 5 function motorised bed allows easy accessibility to patients with the lowest height. This bed helps the patient with egress or ingress.
Ease of operation
The remote allows one to arrange the motorised recliner bed effortlessly for the patient's comfort. This function helps to make all bed arrangements without any physical effort.
Remote operated operation
Convert the motorised bed into the cardiac chair and CPR by pressing a Single Button for patient positioning during treatment.
Battery Back-up
This bed has a battery backup system for continuous operation during power outages. The manual quick-release knob on both sides to lower down the backrest.
Ergonomic design for patient comfort
The reverse Trendelenburg/Trendelenburg mechanisms support the backrest. As the backrest is raised, it will automatically regress to 75mm for comfortability and ergonomic posture of the patient.
Dimensions & Weight
Dimension 1050 (W) x 2150 (L) x 340-720 (H) mm
Material & Finish
Structure Motorised Bed
Other Info
Carton Size
Carton Details
1 Year
Clean the bed with mild soap and water regularly to ensure optimum upkeep. Don't use harsh chemicals. Regularly check the remote and motorised parts for any problems.
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